What Is PipMakers?

Pipmakers are a platform that trades on the Foreign Exchange Market, also known as FX/Forex.

We use an EA (expert advisor) commonly referred to as a Robot. This is  a piece of pre-programmed algorithmic software which executes a trade into the Forex market only when our criteria or conditions have been met. Our software will then place, manage and close the trades automatically. We also have automated telegram feature which displays the open/closed trades for you to view.




For example, If we have our EA set on the EUR-USD. We’ve loaded it onto our chart resulting in the EA indicating a sell. The EA then enters a sell position (short) as we would expect the price of the EUR to weaken against the USD. Unlike stocks and shares, we do not buy or sell a specific stock or hold it. We solely trade the currency against one another.

If you are new to Forex and do not understand the above, don’t worry. You do not need a great deal of knowledge as once set up, our system is fully automated. We would of course advise you to familiarise yourself with the MT4 app and learn its basic features (Opening and Closing trades)

For your convenience we have attached some basic guides found on YouTube in our video section on this topic for both Android and IOS.


Yes of course, If you’re wanting to learn a little about forex trading, there are lots of useful websites with beginner guides to help you learn and understand the foundations of Forex. As mentioned, we would always recommend reading up on Forex before committing to investing your money.

One of the popular websites for learning the basics is BabyPips.

What Do We Offer?

Pipmakers offer you a fully automated trading platform which is connected to our software, hosted on our dedicated VPS. With over two years of live trading results, Pipmakers deliver a professional trading solution.


Prime examples of questions that we often get asked include:

  • How does the EA work?
  • What pairs do you trade?
  • What is our risk management? 

As far as how does it work? We can’t disclose exactly how our EA works. What we can tell you is that it uses various indicators and confirmations to enter our trades. The EA won’t simply enter a trade for the sake of entering when turned on. We actively monitor pairs to see if we feel it’s safe to turn on the EA and always planning on being out of the market by Friday.


Here is where we pride ourselves on our excellent risk management. As our team has members in different time zones, we can monitor the EA 24/5. So you are safe in the knowledge that we always have eyes on our system.

We choose our pairs depending on the news that day/week and study the charts for S+R/Trends on multi-time frames and other variables.

We do our best to make sure we make the best choice we can. But if you are an experienced trader, then you know that the forex market can be unpredictable.

Our EA does not have a miracle lifesaving hedge function. It’s not AI. It is a pre-programmed algorithm; however, we are constantly modifying and improving our EA as the conditions are changing due to the current world situations we face.