What Is GoldPIPS-EA

After various enquiries as to if we would be looking at additional services, we decided to create an EA to trade in the gold market. For the past 6 months, we have been testing and optimising our EA to achieve the best results we could.

We feel now we have the best and safest EA we could possibly create.

We have been continuously forward-testing the system for realistic results and modified as we felt it was necessary.

The EA was launched at the end of June and is now available to everyone.

How It Works

We can’t for obvious reasons tell you exactly how our EA works, but we can tell you the basics below.

The EA only trades Gold and runs on a M1 timeframe – It trades on a grid strategy with NO martingale feature.

When additional trades are placed, the EA will look for support and resistance levels or pivot points before confirming the trade. 

You have the ability to change your fixed lot, set a weekly target percentage, set a maximum drawdown percentage before all trades are closed, and choose which days and hours you trade – This option is normally hidden but can be enabled upon request if you wish to set your own trading hours. As standard, Mon-Fri trading is set to ‘true’ between 00:00-23:59, but as mentioned, can be customised by yourself.

Please note, this EA can only be operated using our Fusion Markets link. 

Once you have made your payment, you will need to send us a screenshot of your Fusion Markets account number as the EA will be locked to your account. Once we’ve received this, you will receive the software.

This is not part of a copy service. You control every aspect of the EA and you will responsible for it yourself. You will also keep 100% of your profits. The only payment you make is the initial one-off payment. We also offer a refer bonus for this too.

Please trade responsibly and only risk what you can afford to lose. 

For more information, contact us below:

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  • Fixed lot size (can be adjusted to suit your balance)
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Max spread
  • Maximum drawdown percentage
  • Weekly percentage target – When target is achieved, the EA will close all trades and disable auto trader
  • Trading days & hours

Pricing / Referral

The pricing below is a one-off payment

  • Current member of PipMakers

  • Non-member of PipMakers

  • If you introduce someone outside of Pipmakers to GoldPips, you will receive a 20% commission as a bonus for helping us grow.
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