PipMakers provide you with an automated service trading forex, This is for everybody and anybody on any level of experience.

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About Us

PipMakers is a Forex platform that allows you to connect to us and take the exact same trades as our EA, We pride our self on using high risk management with the vision to secure long term goals of being profitable within the market.

We have lots of experience in the Forex market, more so with using expert advisers and optimising/modifying them to gain the fullest potential. We believe risk management is key to being successful in the long term.

Currently we offer 3 different services, our first is our normal standard risk service,  our higher risk service and our extreme risk service.

All 3 of our services will only now be able to run with Fusion Markets

The higher risk service is very similar to our normal service, except use more volatile pairs to generate more trades and more profit. Our extreme service lives up up to the name, the service produces much higher returns but with that comes higher drawdown, this is for those with a high risk appetite. Rest assured that our risk management on all of these services are of a very high standard.

About Us

PipMakers EA Trading is a Forex platform that allows anybody to connect to us and take the exact same trades as our EA, Using high risk management to secure long term goals of being profitable within the market.

We have lots of experience in the Forex market, more so with using expert advisers and optimising them to gain the fullest potential. We believe risk management is key to being successful in the long term.

We have recently introduced a feature where all trades are sent from your MT4 to a Telegram channel with all info of the trade and a screenshot of the chart so no need to keep checking your MT4.

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What We Offer

So what is PipMakers and what do we offer?

We trade in the Foreign Exchange Market otherwise known as FX and Forex.

So, we use an EA (expert advisor) which is a pre-programmed algorithm, when certain criteria’s or conditions within the market are met our EA will execute a trade into the FX market, manage and close it all automatically.

For example if we had our EA on EUR-USD and our EA indicated a sell the EA would then  enter a sell position (short) as we would expect the price of the EUR to weaken against the USD, Unlike stocks and shares we do not actually buy or sell a specific stock or hold it, but we trade the currency against each other.

If you are new to Forex and do not really understand the above not to worry as you do not really need a great deal of knowledge as once setup our system is fully automated.

If you do want to learn a little about Forex there are lots of useful website`s with basic guides that will help you learn the foundation of Forex, We would always recommend reading up on Forex before committing to investing your money in something

One of the popular websites for learning the basics is BabyPips


For those of you that have a little more experience with trading then please read below.

So we are always asked various questions like how does the EA work? what pairs are traded? What is our risk management like?

Well as far as how does it work, We are not going to tell you exactly how our EA works, However, what we can tell you is that it uses various indicators and confirmation’s to enter our trades, the EA will not just enter a trade for the sake of it when it is turned on, we actively monitor pairs to see if we feel its safe to turn on the EA and always plan on being out of the market by Friday.

This is where we pride ourselves with our excellent risk management, As our team have members in different time zones we can monitor the EA 24/5 so you are safe in the knowledge that we always have eyes on our system.

We choose our pairs depending on the news that day/week and study the charts for S+R/Trends on multi time frames and other variables.

We do our best to make sure we make the best choice we can but if you are an experienced trader then you know that the forex market can be unpredictable.

Our EA does not have a miracle lifesaving hedge function, its not AI, it is a pre-programmed algorithm; however, we are constantly modifying and improving our EA as the conditions are changing due to the current world situation we are facing.


How It Works

By connecting your MT4 account to our master account you will receive the same trades as us. You will be able to to monitor every trade from your smart phone using the MT4 app, Setting up is a very simple process, once setup PipMakers is a fully automated hands-free service.

Our goals are simple and that is to be a long term profitable forex trading system, We have various features in place to help implement this, some of which are a drawdown controller, a dedicated news filter to control the auto trader during news events and of course, our high risk management factor with us monitoring and deciding on which currency pairs we trade.

Trading Forex has never been so simple  and easy, You do not need any experience within forex whilst with PipMakers. You can stay connected to your account and monitor all of your trades with the MT4 app, it provides you with real-time market data relevant to your account anytime, anywhere. 

Monitor all your trades even whilst you travel with MT4

With the Metatrader app you can connect and see your trades from anywhere in the world in seconds, stay updated with the real time data relevant to your trading account



MT4 Android



PipMakers offer a partner scheme, Once you are an active customer with us you can enquire to become a partner. Our partner scheme is simple, If you refer new customers to us we will reward you for helping our business grow.

This is not a MLM model scheme and ranks do not have to be achieved in order to receive payments, Simply share our platform!

Partner Scheme PDF

The road to financial freedom is only a few steps away, to join us follow the simple process in steps below

We look forward to you joining us


The PipMakers Team

Get Started

Set Up

First step is to get yourself set up with a Broker, Currently we only accept Fusion Markets to be used on our services funded with a minimum of $3000 for standard risk and minimum of $1000 for higher risk and extreme,  leverage of 1:500 MT4 classic account


Connect To Us

Once you have funded your Broker account you can then connect to us, If you were referred to us then your referrer can help you setup. If you were not referred and are unsure we will help you through the simple process

Begin Trading

When your account is connected to us we will confirm this to you, then you can sit back relax and let our EA place, manage and exit the trades

Please note that PipMakers have no access to your funds and cannot access your broker – you control your own funds.
We will send an Invoice at the beginning of each month to request our payment for the performance fee and host.

broker links

Please click link to get registered.

The only broker we currently now accept on our service is Fusion Markets, If you try to use any other broker you will not be able to add it to your account

Please open a 1:500 Classic MT4 account using the link below


We accept payments in the form of Bitcoin, if you wish to pay your performance fee and looking for a reliable wallet register with Wirex

Other payment methods are Bank Transfer 


What do I need to do to get setup?

All you need to do is get  your broker setup and funded, complete the registration form on our website and after that connect your account to us and you are good to go.

You can always download MT4 app for your mobile to monitor your trades too, Links are all above.

Is it hard to setup?

No! It is a very easy, simple process. We have created a detailed PDF guide for you to follow, and if you still have issues a team member will always be available to help you out.

Do I have to place trades?

No you do not place trades on your account, Once setup our software will place the trades, these trades are then copied and placed onto your account automatically.

What Is the difference between SR+HR+EX?

Differences between them are:

  • HR trades more volatile pairs to generate more profit
  • We account for a higher % of drawdown on HR
  • We will trade more Fridays 
  • EX will get into higher drawdown but generates more profit
  • EX will run through NFP and ALL news events

We still monitor and manage the HR/EX account in the exact same manor as we do our SR system. Even though it is a higher risk/Extreme service we will NOT be reckless and trade unnecessarily.

What Is the minimum deposit?

We currently have 2 seperate systems :-

  • Standard risk; £3000/$3000 minimum
  • Higher risk; £1000,$1000 minimum
  • Extreme risk; £1000,$1000 minimum
What broker do I need?

Your broker account will need Fusion Markets as we currently DO NOT accept any others.

It will need to be a 1:500 Classic MT4 account

Click HERE to get an account

Can I withdraw when I want?

Absolutely! Your funds are in your own broker and only you have access to them.

After I am setup what happens?

Once you have connected your account to us your account will then begin to copy trades from us when our software places them.

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