PipMakers EA Trading is a Forex platform that allows anybody to connect to us and take the exact same trades as our EA, Using high risk management to secure long term goals of being profitable within the market.
We have lots of experience in the Forex market, more so with using expert advisers and optimising them to gain the fullest potential. We believe risk management is key to being successful in the long term.
We have recently introduced a feature where all trades are sent from your MT4 to a Telegram channel with all info of the trade and a  screenshot of the chart so no need to keep checking your MT4.

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By connecting your MT4 account to our master account you will be entered into the same trades as us. You will be able to to monitor every trade from your smart phone, Setting up is a very simple process, once setup PipMakers is a fully automated hands-free service.
Our goals are simple and that is to be a long term profitable system, We have various features in place to help implement this, some of which are a drawdown controller, a dedicated newsfilter to control the autotrader during news events and a high risk management factor with us monitoring and deciding on which pairs we trade.
Trading Forex has never been so easy, stay connected to your account and download the free Meta-trader app to stay updated with real-time market data relevant to your account anytime, anywhere. View your account where ever you are 24/7

Keep an eye on all your trades even whilst you travel with MT4

With this free app connect and see your trades from anywhere in the world on seconds, stay updated with the real time data relevant to your trades

PipMakers offer a partner scheme, Once you are an active customer with us you can enquire to become a partner. Our partner scheme is simple, If you refer new customers to us we will reward you for helping our business grow.

This is not a MLM model scheme and ranks do not have to be achieved in order to receive payments, Simply share our platform!

To download our Partner scheme PDF please click the button below

The road to financial freedom is only a few steps, to join us see the simple process in steps below

We look forward to you joining us

PipMakers Team

Step 1 – SetUp

First step is to get yourself set up with a Broker, you can use our broker of choice IC Markets or your own but will need to be RAW spread, USD and leverage 1:500 and a minimum deposit of $3000 USD

Step 2 – Connect to us

Once you have funded your Broker account you can then connect to us, If you were referred to us then your referrer can help you setup

If you were not referred and are unsure we will help you through the simple process

Step 3 – Begin Trading

When your account is connected to us we will confirm this to you, then you can sit back relax and let our EA place, manage and exit the trades

Please note that PipMakers have NO access to your funds and cannot access your broker, you control your own funds

We will send an Invoice at the beginning of each month to request our payment for the performance fee and host.

Please follow the links below to get registered. Our recommended broker is IC-Markets due to low spread and leverage of 1:500 for UK customers.

Any other regions can also get 1:500 using EagleFX

We accept payments in the form of Bitcoin, if you wish to pay your performance fee and looking for a reliable wallet register with Wirex

Other payment methods are Bank Transfer

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Trading Forex carries risks, there is a chance you could lose some/all of your investment. Only trade what you can afford to lose.
Past profits do not guarantee future results.
Please note that your funds are in your own broker of which we do not have access to.
You have the ability to disconnect your account and cease trading whenever you choose.